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So I was wondering, what is your favourite social platform? Are you more of an old-school kind of Facebook fan? Are you definitely hypnotized with those magazine looking Instagram pictures? Twitter addict? Needless to say I am not big on social media, never really liked the essence of it. Yet I have tried a couple of them for business purposes, with no real intentions whatsoever though, just for the sake of being there. Sad and pointless. That said Pinterest seems to have caught me on the hook as I have realised it is the only platform I am happy to go back to so I can frantically pin all those fab ideas onto my numerous boards.

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am obsessed with lists - to-watch, to-visit, to-craft, to-think, to-read, to-try, to-cook... - and when it comes to keeping all of these in one place, Pinterest is definitely that place.

I set up my personal account a fair few years ago starting with disorganised pins and no boards at all. I have not used it much to connect with people though but more in an attempt to clear my head off those too many ideas that were cluttering my creative brain by lack of memory space. It now looks much more elaborate and it totally identifies me as a shopper, as a maker and even as an individual. My boards are varied in style and content ranging from Inspirational Jewellery to Bathroom Fascination (is that so weird after all?).

So what's my point here? Well, I am no good story-teller, not a master of words either. Every time I try to give my customers a bit more insight into who I am so they can relate the jewellery to the maker I always end up with a headache and dozens of drafts with no head nor tail which I never post nor publish because they do not have the right dosage of relevant information. In that sense, my Pinterest tells more about me than I would myself even with an unlimited number of words. You can get to know me by following my personal Pinterest profile here.

And if you have the organisational type of brain and you want to make sense of all that content you constantly come across like me, you absolutely need to get interest into Pinterest and start pinning away!


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