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My family and I moved from the south of France to settle down in Scotland in 2015 out of a desire to change lifestyle. Having taught English  for a decade, I set foot in Edinburgh with an intention to change career and to turn my longlasting appetite for arts and crafts into an actual job. A few years later my babies have grown and I now work part time from my garden studio in beautiful Fife, dedicating the rest of my time to being a busy mummy of two.

The main material I use is polymer clay, also known by its most famous brand name Fimo. I am entirely self-taught with this material and the reasons why I love it so much are its softness, its malleability and the endless possibilities it allows. I also like to combine it with other materials so don't be surprised if you come across a bamboo ring, you still are in the right place!


My jewellery is inspired by my love of colours and art in general,  by my fascination for everything unusual, and creative and by a personal taste for elegance and daintiness.

*** the Lopsided Studio


les Bijoux d'Amandine***

With these new name and logo I am aiming to bring the focus on me as a designer and maker and to highlight my identity as a tool to shape my creations. 

The Lopsided Studio has happily filled the past four years of my life, helping me reconnect with myself, learn, experience, meet, develop, grow and I can tell in confidence that it has had a highly positive impact on my personal as well as professional development since. I now feel the time has come to reflect in my brand who I have become. 

I hope you will have a wonderful experience entering my creative world and wearing my one of a kind pieces

Amandine x

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